Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram for your brand!

If you're tired of getting 2 likes (or less) on your posts, read on...

I'm Erika #TheDesignDiva and I have over 20 years of experience in the world of technology.


Several years ago, I started using social media for my business. I was so excited! 


At least until I was getting 2 likes on my posts on a good day!


It was crazy that will all of my skills, I felt defeated trying to figure out how to use Facebook and Instagram to expand, much like you may be feeling today.


Once I figured out the whys, hows and whens of it, I decided to help others get past that point of being stuck. I hope you're the next person who I get to congratulate for beating the social media system with me!

Owner & Chief Creationista of DesignDiva Studios

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Learn How to Get Your Posts in Front of More Eyes!

More Views

= More Connections

= More Opportunities!

Getting Lucky Won't Help.

Facebook came up with an algorithm of who they show your posts to. Since Instagram is owned by the same people, they apply complex math too.


 We are ready to help you excel & beat the system! 

You Could Multiply the Number of People You Reach...or Just Keep Making New Connections the Old, Slow Way.

  • Understand Why You Need to Use Social Media for Your Brand

  • Learn Better Ways to Set Up & Use Your Brand Profiles

  • Tap Into Ways to Expand Your Brand's Reach Easily and Efficiently

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If you complete training and apply the principles consistently but you don't see growth in your brand's reach, email me directly at so I can see what I may have missed sharing to help you win in the training course. If you aren't satisfied, you can request a full refund.  

Erika T. Neal

Owner of DesignDiva Studios

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